Module 3 Review Worksheet, Study for Test. By building from simpler contexts of ratio and proportion, students develop strategies for working with multi-step problems without a clear path to a solution or containing inconvenient numbers. Brown is ordering pictures of her new baby. Write your answer as a mixed number if possible. Fractions, Direct and Inverse Variation, and Percent 6. Renee has read 6 of the books and is planning on reading the same number of books each month for 3 months. What unit rates will you need to use to help you make this estimate?

Expressions and Equations Expressions and Equations Standard: A Circle the line in which the mistake first occurs. There are four different sized containers. It takes 3 eggs to bake 36 cupcakes. Write unit rates in two ways.

Anna says that the dark blocks pictured below can t represent 1 because there are 6 dark blocks and 6 is more than 1 but 1 is supposed to be less than 1.

4.1a homework model ratios

MM I ll start counting, you keep going when I stop. What five coins add up to a nickel?

Math 7 Scope and Sequence Unit 1 – Rational Number Equivalence

The flight from Oakland to Salt Lake City was miles and took minutes. Students will rely on understandings developed in previous chapters and grades to finding unit rates, proportional constants, comparing rates and situations in multiple forms, writing expressions and equations, and analyzing tables and graphs.


If the sum of their ages is 55, how old is Todd? What is the sale price of each sofa? Objective To introduce a formula to calculate the area. Prior Knowledge Student should be able to draw models of part-to-part and part-to-whole relationships. Write the ratio of distance jogged to distance walked in simplest form.

What it the ratio of girls to boys in Ms. Two ratios that More information.

Math 7 Scope and Sequence Unit 1 – Rational Number Equivalence

What digits do the letters H, E, and A each modeel You can also use models when working with rates where two attributes of the same situation are stated as a rate with unlike units. Suppose the exchange rate is 3 dollars to 2 Euros.

He paid a sales tax of 7. Paola is making pillows for her Life Skills class. Multistep Word Problems Solutions are at the end of this file.

4.1a homework model ratios

Simplify the following expression. Future Knowledge A strong foundation in proportion is key to success throughout traditional middle and high school mathematics. Dividing Fractions In this section, we will discuss the. Draw a model to show the two different options.

Vocabulary ratio ratio rate ratio table Goals Students will understand that ratios with fractional terms can turn More information.


Write your answer in a complete sentence. Divide a decimal by yomework whole number 2. Race to the Top HW: Allyson measures her plant every year. What is the largest number you can make using 8, 4, 6 and 2? The sum of four consecutive even integers equals seven times the greatest of the integers.

Analyze patterns and relationships. I can compute a unit rate from a table of values that uses whole numbers and decimals regardless of the order of the values in the table. What is the unit rate of swings per homerun? What is the unit rate for the plant growth per year?

How many are left? How much are their salaries? If the sale price of a shirt was five dollars less than the sale price of a sweater, how much did each item cost Lonnie?

When an answer is obtained, students should be able to state what the number represents.